Claimants: Deborah Muzon & Benjamin Jannis (of University of C.) Application No: 16/702,456 Publication Date: 02/15/2015 Scientific Fields: Physics >> Astrophysics >> Planetary Sciences The above claimants assert that, according to their knowledge, they are the first to conceive the ideas & discoveries recited hereinafter: A. Formal Claims 1 to 5: Claim 1: We claim the discovery of a new planet in the solar system of Alfa55 star, wherein: the planet appears to move on a circular trajectory about Alfa55, the plane of the trajectory being about 60% to the observation direction, and  the trajectory having a radius between 3 to 4 light years.  Claim 2: We claim the discovery of a gaseous atmosphere on the planet recited by claim 1, wherein: said gaseous atmosphere appears to include about 60% sulfur dioxiede, 20% oxygen, 15% nitrogen and 5% carbon dioxide; the temperature of said atmosphere appears to be between 410K to 540K; the pressure of said atmosphere appears to be about 5 times larger than the earth atmospheric pressure.   see all claims   B. Detailed description of the discoveries & ideas recited by priority-claims (download files): Detailed Description | Claims | Drawings | Abstract C. Contribution of each of the claimants 1. Deborah Muzon’s contribution to the claimed procedures: click to see description  2. Benjamin Jannis contribution to the claimed procedures: click to see description  D. Claimants, priority-date, & supporting evidence for each claim:
Priority-Claim Claim No: 16/702,456 Discovery of a new planet in the solar system of Alfa55 star, the new planet having a gaseous atmosphere similar to the earth
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Claims 1 - 2 3 - 4 5       Claimants Muzon Muzon & Jannis Muzon Priority Date Feb. 15, 2015  Mar. 30, 2015  Jul. 19, 2015   Supporting Evidence Description-1.pdf; Priority-Document-1.pdf Description-2.pdf;  Experiments & Results-1.pdf
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