Do you have an idea and are worried that someone else may claim it? Are you having difficulties trying to publish your idea in Academic Journals? Is the cost of advertising your idea or claiming ownership for it prohibitive? If you answered YES to any of the above – you are in the right place – we have the right solution for you We have built “from scratch” a completely new publication, priority and credit system by combining elements of the patent process, social media tools, and artificial intelligence. Our system allows innovators like you to secure PRIORITY, CREDIT and RECOGNITION for their ideas, discoveries and professional achievements. Using our system is SIMPLER, FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVE & MORE EQUITABLE / FAIR than publishing in Academic Journals. Further, our system can be used for non-patentable ideas and discoveries.
You got an idea OR made a discovery
IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Now you can always claim ownership of your ideas and, on top of that, you can join a worldwide community of innovators, scientists, and creators just like you. You can exchange ideas, you can search and review ideas, you can build professional relationships with people that share similar interests, and much more ...
More about the system: 1. The most complete publication, priority & credit system - significantly simper, faster, more accessible, more effective and MORE FAIR / EQUITABLE alternative to publishing in academic journals and to invention patents.  Registry enables innovators, scientists and creators like you to: 1. secure PRIORITY for their ideas and discoveries (quickly - 20 minutes!) 2. “stake a claim of priority” for their ideas by PUBLISHING PRIORITY-CLAIMS (quickly - 2 hours!) 3. have their ideas VIEWED by academics, employers, business professionals, and investors from all over the world 4. have their ideas PEER REVIEWED, RATED and EXAMINED by peers and experts 5. receive CREDIT & RECOGNITION via a formal PRIORITY-CERTIFICATE that they are the first to conceive a new idea, first to make a discovery, or first to perform a professional achievement. 6. have the value of their ideas and discoveries recognized via the RATING, RANKING & PRIZE system (e.g. publishing ”Top 100 ideas of the year in a certain field”) 7. view and review ideas published by other innovators and build professional relationships with people that share similar interests. 8. secure / claim credit for INDIVIDUAL IDEAS & ACHIEVEMENTS  disclosed in a multi-author journal article. Publishing priority-claims is safer - minimizes the risk of “being scooped” since priority-claims have a priority date that relates back to the Registration Time Stamp (which is saved within 20 minutes from conception). 2. OUR AUTHORITY - our policies and procedures are overseen by a “Board of Academic Trustees” including more than 50 prestigious scientists, academics and intellectuals from all over the world. The certificates are issued in the name and under the AUTHORITY of the BOARD (see more about the Board) 3. Non-patentable ideas & discoveries - examples of ideas & discoveries subject to priority-claims or priority-certificates (these services are particularly useful for non-patentable ideas, discoveries & professional achievements) 4. Wide range of users & viewers (from all over the world, social and professional backgrounds) 5. Comparison with publishing in Academic Journals and Invention Patents 6. Detailed description of the key concepts: (a). Registration of Ideas / Discoveries (b). Priority-Claims (c). Priority-Certificates    8.  Business Model & Implementation    9.  Video-Presentation-CONNECTpreneur *These services are based on the concepts described in the article: Priority certificates: proposal for non-intrusive forms of IP, by Comanescu & Hyndman, published in Oxford University’s Journal of Intellectual Property, February 2015.
Apply for and receive a PRIORITY-CERTIFICATE  After public review you can request and receive a PRIORITY-CERTIFICATE formally attesting  that “you are the first to conceive the idea / discovery". Priority-claims are examined by a team of skilled experts in your field (examination is similar to the one for patents but 3-5 times cheaper!). Priority-Certificates are issued under the AUTHORITY of a prestigious Board of Academic Trustees including world renowned scientists and intellectuals in a wide range of fields.
Rating, Ranking & Prizes for your Ideas / Discoveries The new ideas and discoveries are RATED / SCORED by a team of experts. Thereby the VALUE & IMPORTANCE of IDEA / DISCOVERY for the specific field and for the society is asserted. For each filed, ideas are RANKED according to their score and the best ideas are published on lists such as “Top 20 ideas in Neurosurgery for year 2018” (receive prize!).
REGISTER your idea / discovery on the Personal-Priority-Accounts Open a Personal-Priority-Account and upload documents describing your new ideas / discoveries. Your documents are automatically REGISTERED on our system. This way you can secure an OFFICIAL RECORD for your idea / discovery within 20 minutes from conceiving the idea or making the discovery. Idea will be saved as Draft-Priority-Claim and can be viewed only by you. 
PUBLISH PRIORITY-CLAIMS for your Idea / Discovery When you are ready, very easily, you PUBLISH a formal PRIORITY-CLAIM for the idea / discovery on the "Lists of Priority-Claims" thereby letting the world know of your claim of priority (quickly - 2 hours!). Your idea / discovery will be VIEWED & REVIEWED by your peers, the public, potential employers and investors from all over the world (”crowd sourced peer review”). 
How it works click to watch YouTube Videos: Primary Video (20 minutes) Priority-Certificates Video (5 minutes) Business Model  |  Executive-Summary Registry-Brochure  |  Primary Presentation Oxford Article & IP-Today Article
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