Claimants: Sanjay P. Kumar & Alice W. Carter (of University of Sussex) Certificate No: PC-2017/897,456 Granted: 04/16/2107 Scientific Fields: Physics >> Solid State Physics >> Photo-detectors After diligently examining the priority claims herein, our expert examiners have concluded that the above claimants are the first to conceive the ideas & discoveries recited by these claims: A. Formal Claims 1 to 5: Claim 1: I claim the discovery of a new optical absorption band in the far-infrared region at the InSb interface of the InAs/GaSb hetero-structures, wherein the infrared photons absorption is due to the electronic transitions between valence band states in the GaSb and conduction band states in the InAs; wherein the energy of the absorbed photons is from about 20meV to 50meV at room temperature; wherein the energy of the absorbed photons can be adjusted from about 10meV  to about 200meV in magneto-optical transmission experiments conducted between 1.2T to 3T. Claim 2: We claim an idea for a new type of far-infrared photo-detector based on the optical absorption phenomenon disclosed at claim 1, the photo-detector would have the characteristics and would work as described in the following:  the photo-detector would comprises an InAs/GaSb heterostructure; the far-infrared photons incident on the InAs/GaSb heterostructure would be absorbed by electrons in the GaSb valence band thereby causing a transition of the electrons to the InAs conduction band; the electrons transitioned in the InAs conduction band can move much easier into the InAs layer than in the GaSb layer because of the much higher mobility of the electrons in the InAs than the holes in the GaSb; the surplus of electrons created in the InAs by the far-infrared photons increases the overall conductivity of the InAs/GaSb heterostructure which thereby can be translated into an increase of the current collected when a voltage is applied along the interface. see all claims   [Note for the patent artisans – the photo-detector in this claim is not yet enabled to qualify for a patent. There are many other technical issues that usually need to be solved before making a device based on the principle above. In many situations, and especially in academic, it takes lots of time and effort to bring an idea to an enabled device. (see Gould vs. Quigg, 3 U.S.P.Q.2d 1302 (1987))] B. Detailed description of the discoveries & ideas recited by priority-claims Detailed Description | Claims | Drawings | Abstract C. Contribution of each of the claimants 1. Sanjay P. Kumar’s contribution to the claimed procedures: click to see description  2. Alice W. Carter’ contribution to the claimed procedures: click to see description  D. Claimants, priority-date, & supporting evidence for each claim: E. Supporting Evidence & Documents:
Claims 1 - 2 3 4 - 5       Claimants Kumar Kumar & Carter Kumar Priority Date Feb. 15, 2015  Mar. 30, 2015  Jul. 19, 2015   Supporting Evidence Description-1.pdf; Priority-Document-1.pdf Description-2.pdf;  Experiments & Results-1.pdf Creation Date Feb. 15, 2015  Feb. 15, 2015  Mar. 30, 2015  Mar. 30, 2015  Jul. 19, 2015  Aug. 20, 2015  Document Description-1.pdf Document-1.pdf Description-2.pdf Experiments & Results-1.pdf Journal Article  1 2 3 4 5 6 Source Personal-Priority-Account of Kumar  Personal-Priority-Account of Kumar Personal-Priority-Account of Carter Personal-Priority-Account of Carter Personal-Priority-Account of Kumar Journal of Applied Physics
Priority-Certificate Certificate No: PC-2017/897,456 Discovery of a new far-infrared absorption band and an idea for a far-infrared detector using said absorption band
The Board of Academic Trustees of World New Ideas Inc. attests that an expert examiner has been commissioned to diligently and competently examine the priority-claims in this priority-certificate and that the examiner has found that the claimants herein are the first to discover or the first to conceive the subject matter claimed in this application. Thereby, a Priority-Certificate has been granted today April 16, 2017 attesting that Sanjay P. Kumar & Alice W. Carter are the first to discover the subject matter recited by the claims in this certificate.
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E. Rating & Scores (1 to 10): Predicted value to society: 8 Scientific achievement: 7 Creativity: 8 F. Ranks (re predicted value to society): Rank 5 in the Photo-detectors  field for year 2017 Rank 20 in Solid State Physics for 2017 G. Third-party submissions & comments: 1. Comment-1 (04-15-2015) 2. Comment-2 (06-20-2015 3. Priority account doc (08-02-2015) 4. Third party declaration (02-04-2016) 5. Comment-3 (03-12-2016) 6. Journal Article (03-12-2016) ... see complete list Submit documents & comments relevant to the validity of the claims in this certificate!   H. Public rating likes (145) dislikes (23)
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