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4.   The ideas & discoveries on the Priority-Claims Registry are VIEWED & PEER REVIEWED by academics, innovators, employers, professionals and investors from all over the world. Peers in your field can view your claims, submit comments regarding the validity of the claims, and rate your ideas (see e.g. RECIPROCAL PEER REVIEW  and EXPERT PEER REVIEW - 4 hours of review performed by academics in East Europe, fee $50). This way you find the value of your ideas and determine whether others have conceived similar ideas. 5.   Publishing priority-claims for ideas & discoveries INSTEAD OF / IN ADDITION TO disclosing them in journal articles has numerous advantages: Writing priority-claims is much easier & quicker than writing journal articles. Writing a priority-claim takes at most one or two hours and can be done “on your own”, whereas writing journal articles takes months, lots of effort, and often requires the collaboration of others (see detailed explanation). Registry allows innovators to secure / claim credit for INDIVIDUAL IDEAS & ACHIEVEMENTS  disclosed in a multi-author journal article. Publishing priority-claims is safer - minimizes the risk of “being scooped” since priority-claims have a priority date that relates back to the Registration Time Stamp (which is saved within 20 minutes from conception). Unlike academic journals (but same as the US Patent Office!), we publish ALL priority-claims received (claimants have a right to publish their ideas on our Registry as long as they comply with our policies). However, our REVIEW & RATING system separates the good ideas from the bad ones (let the market say what is good!). Disclosing ideas & discoveries as priority-claims minimizes the risk of being accused by peers & collaborators of misappropriating their work. Unlike journal articles, priority-claims clearly and explicitly specify the contribution of the claimant and separate claimant’s ideas / discoveries from others’ ideas, discoveries and achievements, which may be presented as contextual information (see explanation). 6.   The Priority-Claims Registry acts as a CENTRALIZED DATABASE bringing together NEW ideas & discoveries of the world and showcases them for public use and review (the need for a single centralized database). 7.    An Integrated System: “Registration of Ideas” > “Priority-Claims” > “Priority-Certificates” (the “power” of our system comes from how the various services work with each other!).   8.   “Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good” - while priority-claims are not suitable FOR ALL PEOPLE and in ALL SITUATIONS, there are LOTS OF INNOVATORS & LOTS OF SITUATIONS in which it is preferable to disclose ideas as priority-claims IN ADDITION TO / INSTEAD OF disclosing them in journal articles. Click to access: Priority-Claims Registry  (view ideas and discoveries of innovators, scientists and creators from all over the world)
1. PUBLISH / ASSERT A PRIORITY-CLAIM for your ideas, discoveries, and professional achievements  (quick & easy - 2 hours). Your priority-claims will be published on the “Priority-Claims Registry” and will be VIEWED & PEER REVIEWED by innovators & scientists from all over the world (why formal priority-claims?). 2. Priority-claims may assert that an individual is: o the first proponent of a certain strategy for detecting fraudulent Bitcoin transactions o the first person to discover a physical or chemical phenomenon o the first person to discover a biological mechanism or structure o the first proponent of an idea for a business or financial strategy o the first proponent of a solution to a social problem o the first to perform a certain medical or surgical procedure o the first to perform a certain calculation, computer simulation, or experiment o the first proponent of an idea for a movie plot or a TV show ... see more examples of priority-claims in various fields 3.   See samples of priority-claims: sample-1 | sample-2 | sample-3.
Priority-Claims (for new ideas, discoveries & professional achievements)
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Steps for Submitting Priority-Claims: 1. Sign in your account  2. Upload description of your ideas, discoveries, data, and supporting documentation 3. Publish your draft priority claims as formal priority-claims 4. Pay publication fees ($200) 5. Manage your published priority-claims
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