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Why have your ideas & discoveries rated and ranked?  Rating & ranking asserts the VALUE & IMPORTANCE of your IDEAS / DISCOVERIES among the other priority achievements in your field, as a scientific / intellectual achievement, and for the society. Being ranked first in a certain field (e.g. Genetics, Neurosurgery, Astronomy, Business) for year 2017 is likely to be regarded as a great achievement and honor. Scientists believing they made a big discovery or came up with a major idea have a strong interest to apply for a priority-certificate and to ask to be ranked in the hope that the grantor will determine that his/her idea is the top idea / discovery of the year. The need for a system ranking ideas & discoveries Currently (in the absence of a priority-certificates system) it is practically impossible to find/rank the best new ideas & discoveries made/conceived in a recent year because such ideas & discoveries are disclosed over a large array of journals and are not clearly stated (the journal articles do not clearly identify the new ideas & discoveries via formal claims; there is no place where the new ideas & discoveries are systematically classified and cataloged). The priority-certificates system determines the new ideas & discoveries of each year and effectively pools them together in a CENTRALIZED DATABASE (click to see Database) classified and cataloged on subject matter. The database includes the priority-certificates granted in the specific year in each field (each priority-certificate recites new ideas and discoveries). The grantor has effective control of the priority-certificates database. The grantor has access and a clear view of all the disclosed ideas & discoveries in certain field (e.g. cardiology, genetics, astronomy, accounting) for a certain year. Why we are particularly well positioned to perform a fair ranking of ideas & discoveries 
Ranking Ideas & Discoveries Top 100 ideas & discoveries of the year for each field!!
Click to access: Top 100 ideas & discoveries of the year in various fields!! Lists of Prizes awarded in each field Innovation Competition Winners view the best NEW ideas, discoveries & professional achievements in more than 500 scientific fields!
How it works: Prerequisites: The participating ideas, discoveries and professional achievements must be NEW!. Thus only ideas for which PRIORITY-CERTIFICATES have been obtained are considered for ranking. Step-1: For each field, ideas claimed in priority-certificates are RATED / SCORED by EXPERTS in that field, according to parameters such as: predicted value to society, creativity and scientific achievement. For example, a group of 20 (twenty) neurosurgeons will be commissioned to rate the ideas, discoveries and professional achievements claimed on the List of Priority-Certificates for Neurosurgery. Step-2: For each priority-certificates, a FINAL SCORE is calculated as the average of the twenty individual scores received from the twenty experts. Step-3: For each field, the priority-certificates are RANKED according to the FINAL SCORE (ranking of priority-certificates effectively determines / ranks the best ideas & discoveries in each specific field). The list of “Top 100 ideas and discoveries of the year” is formed for that field (e.g. Top 100 achievements in Neurosurgery for 2018). Step-4: Prizes may be awarded for “Top 10 ideas of the year” in each field.
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