Registration as author of Ideas & Discoveries  PRIVATE  &  CONFIDENTIAL  1. If you have an idea or discovery, open a Personal-Priority-Account and upload documents describing your idea or discovery. Your documents will be automatically REGISTERED on our system. 2. REGISTERED DOCUMENTS constitute an OFFICIAL AUTHORSHIP RECORD showing that you have created the ideas or made the discoveries at the registration time shown by the upload time-stamp. This way you can secure an OFFICIAL RECORD / PRIORITY-DATE within 20 minutes from creating the ideas or making the discoveries. (see the problem to be solved and how this system comes as solution to the problem). 3. Registered documents are considered Draft Priority-Claims to be converted into formal Priority-Claims 4. We are an INDEPENDENT entity LEGALLY BOUND to truthfully testify and certify regarding the registered documents and the corresponding creation dates. We are legally bound to keep the registered documents PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL (you are the only person that can see the documents on your account!)
Open a Personal-Priority-Account  and register as author of your ideas & discoveries PRIVATE  &  CONFIDENTIAL
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A.    How REGISTRATION of ideas & discoveries works: Step-1: Open a Personal-Priority-Account Step-2: Upload on your account documents describing your ideas and discoveries. Step-3: Upon uploading the documents the following steps are automatically performed: (1). A REGISTRATION STAMP is automatically created and applied to your document. The stamp includes a unique registration number, a TIME-STAMP indicating upload date and time, and an encrypted bar code (see REGISTERED DOCUMENT). (2). The REGISTERED DOCUMENTS are stored SECURELY & CONFIDENTIALLY on our private records and on your account (you are the only person that can see documents on your account!) (3). The REGISTERED DOCUMENTS together with a REGISTRATION RECEIPT are automatically sent to the email associated with your account (see document and receipt).          The REGISTERED DOCUMENTS represent an OFFICIAL RECORD / EVIDENCE that you authored the ideas or made the discoveries described therein as early as the date/time on the time-stamp. The public regards such evidence as highly reliable and credible. Registration enables innovators to secure an OFFICIAL RECORD / PRIORITY-DATE within 20 minutes from creating the ideas or making the discoveries. The above process (e.g. registration stamp and keeping records in counterparts) render the registered documents as HIGHLY RELIABLE & CREDIBLE EVIDENCE (virtually impossible to falsify and easy to verify authenticity). Secured priority via highly reliable and credible evidence provides innovators with “peace of mind”, “freedom to communicate” and eliminates doubts or questions about the veracity of the evidence. B.     How to use of the registration system in R&D environment: If you plan to disclose your new idea / discovery to your manager or co-workers, register the idea on your account prior to disclosure. Your ideas will be kept securely and confidentially on your account. This way, if your manager or co-workers later claim that they are the first to come up with the ideas or discoveries, your can produce a legally backed HIGHLY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE supporting your claims of priority: a REGISTERED DOCUMENT describing your ideas / discoveries and showing the TIME-STAMP corresponding to the creation of the document.  *This service was first described in the article: Encouraging disclosure of ideas by providing reliable ways of determining the actual inventors & authors by Comanescu et al. (IP-Today, March 2014).
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