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PRIORITY-CERTIFICATES are FORMAL DOCUMENTS attesting that the holder is “the first to conceive an idea,” “the first to make a discovery” or “the first to achieve a professional feat”.  Priority-certificates are granted only after rigorous examination of the priority- claims (similar to the examination of the claims concluding invention patents).Thus, a priority-certificate comes as FORMAL PROOF that its HOLDER HAS ACHIEVED THE SCIENTIFIC-FIRST recited by its claims. A priority-certificate formally attests that the person named by the certificate is the first to conceive an idea or the first to make a discovery. For example, a priority-certificate may formally attest that the holder is: o the first person to discover a physical or chemical phenomenon o the first person to discover a biological structure or component o the first proponent of an idea for a business or financial strategy o the first proponent of an ideas for a solution to a social problem o the first proponent of an idea for a movie plot or TV show. Priority certificates may be obtained in virtually all intellectual fields for ideas, discoveries, professional achievements, solutions to problems, etc. See more specific examples. See sample priority certificates: sample-1 | sample-2 | sample-3.
Priority-Certificates Receive a “Priority-Certificate” for your ideas & discoveries!!
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Steps for Applying for a Priority-Certificate: 1.   Sign in your account 2.   Submit documents: o Detailed description of your new ideas & discoveries o Priority-Claims o Abstract o Drawings o Priority-documents & supporting documentation o Declarations 3.   Calculate and pay fees 4.   Request examination
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Receive a priority-certificate for your ideas & discoveries by requesting examination of your published priority-claims. A team of experts in your field will perform examination specifically targeted at determining if claimants deserve credit for the ideas & discoveries recited by the claims. Examination is similar to the one for patent applications and may include: rigorous & professional prior art searches, requests for evidence, considering competing claims and challenges, requests for precise description of the novel ideas & discoveries via formal-priority-claims, etc. Our innovative examination process is 3-5 times cheaper than the one for patent applications (see examination process). OUR AUTHORITY - “THE BOARD OF ACADEMIC TRUSTEES” (modeled on “Nobel Committee”) The examination procedures and overarching policies are overseen by our BOARD OF ACADEMIC TRUSTEES. The board includes fifty (50) prestigious scientists, academics and intellectuals from all major academic fields. The board lends STATURE, AUTHORITY & CREDIBILITY to our organization and to the issued documents - priority-certificates. The grantor of priority-certificates needs to be party of authority, stature & credibility (e.g. group of prestigious academics, major university, IT / R&D company, professional organization - see more about grantor). The rigorous and professional examination process and our authoritative board warrants that priority- certificates prove (with high degree of certainty!) that the holder is entitled to priority & credit for a the ideas & discoveries recited by the claims in the certificate. Priority-certificates are NON-INTRUSIVE FORMS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY in the sense that they do not have the negative side effects of invention patents - the public can freely use any idea or discovery claimed in a priority-claim. Priority-certificates confer only RECOGNITION & PRESTIGE but no economic rights (see abstract of Oxford-Article). Priority-certificates are high-impact devices used if one needs iron-clad proof that he is the first to conceive a certain idea such as for important ideas / discoveries / priority achievements and in case of priority disputes (somewhat expensive - only about 10% of users will use this service). See detailed description of the priority-certificates system and the benefits it brings to scientists & innovators. Click to access: The Lists of Priority-Certificates  (view ideas and discoveries of innovators, scientists and creators from all over the world)
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